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There's nothing more frustrating than trying to improve your game. You've tried every tip, you think you're making progress with your golf coach, but you still slide into your bad habits. One problem is that you can't see what the changes in your body mechanics have done to change the impact with the ball. With our Professional instructors & Digital System, you can see exactly what your club is doing before, at and after impact: the infamous "Impact Zone". Once you see what the club is doing, you have a chance to see what is or isn't working for your swing, and target exactly what you need to work on.


Your golf club is moving at over 80 miles per hour. At that speed even a golf pro canít see what your club is doing when it impacts the ball but the P3ProSwing can. By using infrared technology and a simple reflective strip placed on the bottom of your club, you can get incredible swing analysis with ease.

Using our system, you can see the point of impact and gain additional insight into your club swing and how you impact the ball. You will see visually if your swing path was square through impact, if your club face was square as you made contact with the ball, and what angle of attack your club was on at impact. You can also see where on the club face you made contact with the ball to see if you are using the sweet spot of the club and transferring the most energy you have generated with your swing to the ball.

We can offer you the instant feedback you need to make the Perfect Swing and to achieve greater distance and increased accuracy!

Come in today and see for yourself. 
Call for an appointment - (954) 430-8400


In the News

Cheryl Ladd Golf Demo
Regis and the P3ProSwing(1.59Mb)
Regis using the P3ProSwing (3.35Mb)
Cheryl Ladd using the P3ProSwing (2.48Mb)
- Live with Regis and Kelly, May 23, 2005



"The sensing platform sends swing data to the software, where you'll see a digital representation of your swing and the expected results to help you improve your distance, accuracy and overall game."
*Batteries Not Included
- GolfTips Magazine, June, 2005

"The system's software captures the information from the sensors and creates a visual representation of the swing data on your computer screen. Players can see the trajectory of their shot, how far it went and what the degree of fade or draw was."
Coolest Golf Gear
-, May, 2005

"Data collected includes club face angles, angle of attach, speed and even whether you hit on the sweet spot or not. As in other swing-analysis systems, after the data are transmitted to a computer, the statistics and other information can be crunched to judge problems."
Swinging in Cyberspace
- Wall Street Journal, April 18, 2005



Come in today and see for yourself. 
Call for an appointment - (954) 430-8400


Our "2005 State of the Art System" is an extremely effective teaching tool.  Our System will allow us to fit your swing with the right clubs for you.  For the first time you can actually see what is happening to your club during your swing and how it affects the flight path of your ball.  Come in and experience for yourself the benefits of this system. Our Professional Golf Instructors will help improve your swing with visual help that you will love.


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